Product overview

Our name says it all.

We want your diligently and carefully produced baked goods to become premium fine baked goods with a perfect finish. Inspire your customers with a fresh, glossy look on the displays. If the appearance already tickles the palate, the purchase decision has long been made.

Quality is not a question of the size of the bakery. We offer our customers finishing technology for premium results, from manual sprayers to continuous conveyor systems. You should not be satisfied with less.

Convince yourself of our wide selection of manual sprayers and continuous conveyor systems in the field of finishing technology. In the field of cleaning technology, we also offer you the rack trolley cleaning system SRK-W7 and the Active Bath, two solutions that make your sweet life cleaner.

Conveyor Systems

In the royal class of pastry refinement, you refine your baked goods with the finest finish. Pastries become premium fine pastries.
Inspire your customers with consistent top results in the displays.

Hand spraying systems

…Always the right solutions. For every bakery size we have the appropriate equipment in our assortment.
Rely on 30 years of experience and contact us.

Cleaning technique

Bakery and cleanliness have always belonged together. Frisch Spritzmatic supports with cleaning technology and care products.

5 arguments...
... why Frisch Spritzmatic?
  • Founded out of a bakery.

  • 30 years of experience in machine development.

  • Holder of numerous innovation awards.

  • Competent, individual advice.

  • Spare parts service usually within 24 hours.

Ask for advice.
Simple and non-binding.

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Used machines
Used, but in top condition!

The use of perfect refinement technology is usually associated with increasing sales. Invest in new FRISCH technology and return your machine that has become “too small”. We will be pleased to make you a fair offer.