Our name is our programme. We want your customers to find the finest baked goods on display – at any time of the day. Fresh pastry that still ” attracts ” customers even at the end of the day – what else could be a better sign of freshness?

You supply quality, we supply the equipment.

The fact that today we are one of the leading manufacturers of

Machines and plants for the refinement of pastry
Special systems for removing baking residues and encrustations from baking trays, moulds and rack trolleys

are, we owe our roots to the bakery. With our experience from the bakery, we developed spraying methods that

higher quality and at the same time
more rational.

The result of our development were sprayers which applied apricot jam in finest particles to the product and made the pastry permanently “beautiful to bite into”.

Today we are one of the leading suppliers in the field of refinement of fine pastries. We are proud of our beginnings in our own bakery. This means we speak your language – the language of the baker.

Frisch – bakery technology, innovative and future-oriented – this is what we stand for with our name.

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... why Frisch Spritzmatic?
  • Founded out of a bakery.

  • 30 years of experience in machine development.

  • Holder of numerous innovation awards.

  • Competent, individual advice.

  • Spare parts service usually within 24 hours.

Ask for advice.
Simple and non-binding.


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Used machines
Used, but in top condition!

The use of perfect refinement technology is usually associated with increasing sales. Invest in new Frisch technology and return your machine that has become “too small”. We will be pleased to make you a fair offer.