Conveyor belt systems

Premium pastries “all the time”.

Frisch conveyor belt systems form the premier class in professional finishing technology. The artisanal steps of apricot and glazing are perfectly depicted. The heating tunnel enables the finishing of fine pastries in just one operation. The material recycling systems allow material savings of up to 30 %.

The spraying systems for egg or oil convince with precision and speed. Here again, consistent, perfect outcomes are the result.

Bakers love results in the premium area.
Controller love saving potential.

Conveyor belt systems

In the premier class of pastry refinement, you can finish your baked goods with the finest results. Pastries turn to premium pastries.
Delight your customers with consistent top results in the showcase.

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The use of perfect finishing technology is usually associated with increasing sales. Invest in new FRISCH technology and return your” too small ” machine. We are happy to quotate you a fair offer.